State-level Lien Search

Includes any combination of the following:

  • UCC Search at the Florida Secured Transaction Registry 
  • Federal Tax Lien Search at the Secretary of State of Florida

  • Judgment Lien Search at the Secretary of State of Florida

  • UCC plus one Index (Federal Tax Liens OR Judgments)

  • Federal Tax Lien and Judgment Lien Search at the Secretary of State of Florida

  • UCC (FSTR)/Fed. Tax Lien & Judgment (FL SOS) pkg. Search (incl. single index search)

UCC Copy Retrieval (plus $2.00 per page)
UCC Filing - FSTR *$30.00
Corporate Filing **$75.00
Publication of Fictitious Name 
(Does not include advertisement fee)
Fictitious Name Filing & Publication Combo
(Does not include advertisement fee)

Certificates/Certified Copies**

  • Certificate of Good Standing 

  • Certified Copy of Articles & Amendments 

Certificate of Good Standing with Certified Copy of Articles & Amendments** 

Apostille / Notary Certificate Retrieval **
Registered Agent ServicesCall for info
U.S. District Court Search per District$25.00

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Search per District



Florida Filing & Search Services, Inc.

Fee Schedule

Driving Records Search
Motor Vehicle Records Search$20.00

NOTICE: Service companies like Florida Filing & Search Services cannot provide while-you-wait processing of filings with the Florida Secretary of State. While the state does offer "while-you-wait" filing services to individuals who appear in person, the same courtesy is NOT extended to service companies. Our processing times are still 2 to 3 days. 

(EFFECTIVE January 1, 2022)



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UCC Searches (fee varies if including other indexes)$40 - $75
UCC Filings – fees may vary per county $35.00

*UCC filings that are rejected and ultimately never resubmitted will be charged a processing fee equal to the filing fee.

**Prices do not include State or County fees or electronic payment fees.

We perform searches and submit filings nationwide.  Fees vary from state to state.