Florida Filing & Search Services, Inc.

Q: How do I get started?
A: To get started, you can go to Sunbiz by clicking here to find the appropriate form you need. Once that's filled out, you can email it to us at We require prepayment, which will be sent in the form of an electronic invoice that can be paid with a credit card. Once that’s paid, we can submit your filing!

Q: How long is the state taking to do…?

A: You can find the current state processing times by clicking here. Please note this does not reflect our turnaround time, which you can find below.

Q: What do you charge for your services?

A: You can find our fee schedule by clicking here

Q: I already submitted my filing to the state, but they’re taking too long! Can you help me?
A: The best we can do is resubmit your filing to the state, basically “starting from scratch.” What will happen is the state will likely file our submission first. The turnaround time for this can be seen below. When they reach the filing you mailed in or submitted online, they will reject it. 

We have no way to connect what we submit to what you’ve already submitted to the state, so you will need to get in contact with the Division of Corporations once your original filing has been rejected for a refund. If you are submitting an already rejected filing, please include your rejection letter with your email to us.

Q: Do I need to fill out the cover letter?
A: No, the cover letter is not required, as we will submit our own cover sheet with your filing to ensure your filing makes its way back to us. However, we recommend that you fill this form out, especially on new entity filings, as the information provided on the state’s cover sheet is who they will contact to send reminders about filing your annual report!

Q: Can you fill out the forms for me?
A: We do not offer document preparation services. We will, however, look over your filing to ensure there are no obvious reasons for rejection. Please note that the final acceptance of your documents  is always up to the individual processor at the state, and we can’t guarantee that we will catch everything they might flag as an issue. 

Q: Can you get my filing done the same day? 
A: Unfortunately due to the large volume of work we send to the state on a daily basis, we cannot stand and wait for your filing to be done the same day. The state will only do same day filing for individuals who walk in with their filing. We also cannot have someone pose as an individual to get your filing done faster--everyone at the state knows us.  

Q: Are there any expedited options?
A: Florida does not offer any expedited/rush options at this time. In a way, service companies like Florida Filing are the “expedited” service as we typically have a much faster turnaround than if you were to mail in a filing or file online in some cases. We can rush our searches for you if needed, depending on the contents of your order, for a fee. 

Q: How soon do you need my forms? What about payment?
A: We need your completed forms by 12:00 PM EST, to ensure proper time to look them over, and payment by 1:00 PM EST.

Q: Is an electronic signature acceptable?

A: Yes, so long as it is not a non-profit corporation, an electronic signature is acceptable.

Q: My filing/request for certified copies/etc has been submitted–-where is it? Can I know the status?
A: Before asking for status checks, please refer to our turnaround time table below. If it has not been over the given time,  there is no need to ask the status. If it has been beyond the given turnaround time, please contact us! Delays can happen for a variety of reasons. The state processes thousands of documents every day, and where your documents end up in the state offices can’t be known. We are not able to contact anyone to find out where in the process your particular documents are. 

If you filed a corporate filing such as a formation or amendment, you can look up the entity at the Sunbiz website, found here, to see if it’s been filed while you wait for us to send the physical results. If you don't see it uploaded there, we likely don’t have your results yet either! 

Q: What’s your current turnaround time for…?
A: Our current turnaround times are as follows:
            -Corporate Filings: 2-4 days
            -State UCCs: 3 days
            -County UCCs: Varies**
            -Fictitious Names: 2-4 days
            -Publications: 1-3 weeks depending on county**
            -Apostilles: 1-2 days
            -Florida Certified Copies/Good Standings*: 3-5 days
            -Foreign Certified Copies/Good Standings: Varies**
            -Searches: Varies**
            *Good Standings can be pulled within 24 hours if an online copy is acceptable.
            **Please contact us so we can give you an estimate!